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Residents Warned After Bottle Bombs Discovered

Explosive devices are growing threat in county, according to police



    Residents Warned After Bottle Bombs Discovered

    Prince William County Police are warning residents about bottle bombs after the discovery of another one Friday morning.on Berwick Place Friday morning.

    Police say the bottle bombs are a growing threat in the county, specifically in Lake Ridge. The latest one was found on Berwick Place.  Another was found last month on Kempston Lane.

    "Due to the corrosive nature of the mixture, anyone coming in contact with the materials while manufacturing or discharging the device can sustain serious and long-term debilitating injuries," police spokesperson Jonathan Perok said. "Permanent injures to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract are common."

    Five of the explosive devices were also found in Howard County in early March. No serious injuries were reported but there was property damage.

    Juveniles often make the devices, which usually contain corrosive chemicals hazardous to people, animals and the environment.

    Police warn anyone found to be involved with the possession, manufacture, or discharge of the chemical bomb will face serious criminal charges.

    The bottle bombs aren’t just a safety issue for the public, but a cost issue as well.

    "Due to the hazardous nature of the residual material, cleanup costs can be substantial," Perok said.

    The Fire Marshal's Office and Prince William County Police are still investigating these incidents.

    If you find what you believe is a chemical bottle bomb, move a safe distance away from it and immediately call 911.