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Bomb Plot Suspect's Lawyer Claims Entrapment



    Bomb Plot Suspect's Lawyer Claims Entrapment
    Art Lien
    Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain, appears in court the day of his arrest on federal charges for an alleged plot to bomb a military recruiting center in the Baltimore area. Sketch by Art Lien.

    The lawyer a man accused of plotting to blow up a military recruitment center says his client was induced by the government to go forward with a plot that he couldn't have carried out on his own.

    Antonio Martinez was arrested last week in an FBI sting operation after he allegedly tried to detonate a phony bomb. He's charged with attempted murder of federal officers and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

    Martinez's public defender, Joseph Balter, argued at a detention hearing Monday that his client was a victim of government entrapment.

    But prosecutors said Martinez came up with the bomb plot on his own. Assistant U.S. Attorney Christine Manuelian said Monday that Martinez could be seen on video "grinning from ear to ear" as he armed the phony bomb.

    Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder insisted the sting was not entrapment and that techniques used were appropriate.

    A judge ordered Martinez detained pending trial.