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2 Metro Trains Are 'Misrouted' Onto Wrong Lines in 2 Days



    2 Metro Trains Are 'Misrouted' Onto Wrong Lines in 2 Days

    Why are Metro trains getting misrouted from the Rosslyn station in Virginia? News4's Adam Tuss tells what has happened in the past two days.

    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018)

    In two days, two Metro trains were "misrouted" onto the wrong train lines, taking passengers out of their way, officials say.

    On Monday, a Silver Line train headed for Wiehle-Reston East was instead routed onto the Blue Line toward Franconia Springfield, Metro said in a statement. Passengers were made to get off at Arlington Cemetery and backtrack.

    Then, on Tuesday, a Blue Line train that was supposed to head to Franconia Springfield was misrouted onto the Orange Line toward Vienna, officials say.

    The train was directed to the wrong line because of a signal issue, Metro said in a statement issued Tuesday afternoon. The train was moving in the correct direction of travel, and there was no safety issue, the transit agency said.

    Riders were made to get off at the Courthouse station and board a train to Rosslyn so they could get headed back in the right direction.

    Metro is working to address the signal issue, the statement said.

    On Saturday, three cars of a Metro train separated from the rest of the train, as News4 reported. The sixth car of an eight-car train on the Silver Line detached from the fifth car about 10:45 a.m. Saturday in McLean, Metro said in a statement.

    A photo from a rider shows a gap of several feet between the cars. Greater Greater Washington was first to report what happened

    The braking system engaged and brought the entire 6000-series train to a stop, according to Metro. About 70 people on board at the time were transferred to another train. No injuries were reported.

    Metro is investigating the cause of the separation. The transit agency took 36 rail cars — 15 percent of its total fleet — out of service Tuesday for inspection after the cars separated.

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