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“Blond Bandit” Pleads to Carjackings, Bank Thefts

Woman went on two-week crime spree in Virginia



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    Stephanie Lynn Schwab

    A Virginia woman who came to be known as the “Blond Bandit” pleaded guilty to a series of bank robberies and carjackings last year.

    Stephanie Schwab, 26, of Manassas, admitted to a pair of bank robberies in November that netted her a combined $3,200, plus another attempted robbery. She also admitted stealing a car from relatives and taking two others by force.

    She also pleaded guilty to a new count of distributing heroin.

    Schwab's two-week crime spree came to an end Nov. 30 after a chase on the Capital Beltway through Virginia and Maryland.

    Schwab spent time in the Witness Protection Program after testifying at a high-profile murder trial in 2005 involving the MS-13 street gang.

    She'll be sentenced July 6 and faces up to 70 years in prison.