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Blogging About Blocked L Street Bike Lane



    A popular downtown bike lane has some cyclists fearing for their safety. They say too many trucks and cars are blocking the lane and forcing them into regular traffic. Tom Sherwood reports on how the problem has prompted one bike rider to start a blog detailing his daily ride on L Street in Northwest. (Published Friday, May 3, 2013)

    Urban planner Jay Corbalis enjoys commuting on his bike, so the opening of the eastbound bike lane on L Street NW downtown a few months ago made him happy.

    But he’s not so happy now.

    All sorts of vehicles at all hours routinely block the bike lane, diverting cyclists into traffic.

    “I wondered if other people were noticing this,” he told News4.

    So Corbalis started a daily blog: Who’s Blocking the L Street Bike Lane Today?

    Corbalis says he and others have posted dozens of photographs. He’s not angry; he just wants bike lanes to be reliable, safe and respected.

    The D.C. Department of Transportation noticed, too. A spokeswoman told News4 that the city is monitoring the issues and may make changes.

    DDOT is hosting a May 15 public hearing to discuss L Street, but more specifically, plans for a westbound bike lane on M Street, one block north. It’ll be at 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. in the West End Library at 1101 24th Street NW. (That’s at 24th and L Streets.)

    But Friday, people were biking and dodging vehicles of all sorts, including a D.C. government panel truck.

    One passerby said he mostly drives but has good advice for everyone.

    “I think you have to be more observant and patient,” he said of motorists. “But I think the bikers have to be more observant and patient with motorists as well.”

    That’s pretty radical thinking folks. Respect each other.