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Bike-By Shooting Near Capitol Hill



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    In the grimy dream of urban life, bicycles are held up to be the ideal mode of transport. The bike gracefully moves its health-conscious rider along in a relaxed and Earth-friendly way that a motorist cannot enjoy, packed as they are in their cold, impersonal metal shells.

    Why, bicyclists are supposed to be simply better people. They're engaged with the world! They're active!

    By this reasoning, cars are for the lazy. After all, people even use them as a way to gun down others. The act of firing a gun requires so little physical effort. Coupled with driving a car, it seems so easy and callous. No one would ever do that on a bike!

    Well sorry, urban utopians, they do. Just yesterday evening, a teenager was shot in a section of Northeast near Capitol Hill by two assailants who, according to The Washington Post, were described to police as riding bicycles.

    Sorry to shatter your dreams. You crunchy bike-riding people are capable of evil too.