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Georgetown "Explosion" Not Too Shabby

Film crew blows up "rower" on Potomac River



    Georgetown "Explosion" Not Too Shabby
    It was a bad day for a Georgetown rower.

    There was an "explosion" in Georgetown on Wednesday that sent  a 20- to 30-foot fireball into the sky.

    Was it MacGyver? No.  MacGruber? Nah. A film crew shooting a scene for a new CBS Paramount pilot show? You got it.

    The "explosion" that prompted warnings and worry was produced on the Potomac River, just north of the Key Bridge and Jack's Boathouse, according to the D.C. Department of Transportation. After several tries it finally happened in the afternoon.

    The explosion only lasted for about two seconds and included a decent "bang."  The "rower" who had his day ruined continued to burn for a few minutes afterward.

    Boom Goes the Dynamite!

    [DC] Boom Goes the Dynamite!
    It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the Georgetown "explosion."
    (Published Wednesday, March 25, 2009)

    The controlled explosion received mixed reviews from the hundreds of spectators who showed up to see it. Some had waited since dawn.

    Tractor-trailers full of equipment and supplies set up shop on K Street beneath the Whitehurst Freeway early Wednesday morning. 

    The pilot is called "Washington Field."  Never heard of it?  Same here.  This is from

    From CBS Paramount Network Television and executive producer Ed Bernero comes a new drama about an elite unit within the Washington Field Office of the FBI called the National Capital Response Squad. Filmed in cooperation with the FBI, producer Tim Clemente is a former member of the squad.

    Find out even more info on the TV pilot here and here.