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Betty White Asked to Marine Ball



    Betty White Asked to Marine Ball

    Marines are having their pick at celebrity dates to the Marine Corps Ball: Mila Kunis will be attending, and Justin Timberlake just accepted an invite last week.

    It seems like A-List celebrities can't say no to the Corps.  So if you are among the few and the proud, who would you ask?

    Girls might pick Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gossling, Channing Tatum… guys will probably pick Alessandra Ambrosio, Jennifer Aniston or Heidi Klum.

    But one Marine is hoping to get a yes from a celebrity with a “mature” personality. Betty White has been asked to the Marine Corps Ball by Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis (not the football player) because, according to him, she is “funny, sweet, mature…she’s the all-around perfect woman.”

    After sprinting and sweating through sit ups and pull-ups to impress White, Sgt. Lewis cleans up in his dress blues uniform, holding a long-stem rose to ask her to accompany him to the ball.

    Sgt. Lewis served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and will be rapping at the ball under the name RSonic. To seal the deal, he tells White that he thinks he can make her laugh and that “it’s gonna be great.”

    You can watch Sgt. Lewis pop the question here.