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Arrested in '05 Protest? ACLU Wants You

Protesters arrested could be eligible for class-action lawsuit settlement



    Arrested in '05 Protest? ACLU Wants You
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    An anti-Bush demonstrator displays a sign on Pennsylvania Avenue before the inaugural parade January 20, 2005, in Washington, D.C. U.S. President George W. Bush was inaugurated to a second term at the Capitol.

    Sometimes it pays to be arrested. Literally.

    The ACLU is looking for dozens of people who were arrested in a post-inauguration street march in Adams Morgan in January 2005.

    The organization wants to let those protesters know about a proposed settlement in a class-action lawsuit filed against the city over the arrests.

    The people who were arrested (about 70 in all) would split $170,000. Five people who actually filed the lawsuit would receive more.

    The ACLU has mailed notices about the proposed settlement to the arrestees, but some of them might have moved in the past six years. They have until July 1 to respond.

    A federal judge has given preliminary approval to the settlement. Final approval is expected in August.