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Bethesda Has Sex Parties? Well, Not for Long

Zoning officials issued a warning over a resident’s sex parties



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    Bom chicka wow wow! An adult business will open today despite a court case.

    Today is the last day to head over to Bethesda’s very own sex club. Paul Pickthorne is renting a home in the wealthy D.C. suburb, and in his free time, he hosts sex parties.

    Some people would like him to find a different hobby.

    Pickthorne’s hosted four of these parties since the summer, he said. He identifies himself as a practitioner of BDSM, short for "bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism." But neighbors have been complaining about his practices.

    Police investigated the parties, but didn't find anything illegal about them. But zoning officials were able to issue a complaint against Pickthorne. Since he accepts money from attendees, his parties are considered a commercial enterprise. The notice gives Pickthorne three days to end the sex parties, which would make Feb. 4 the last day.

    If the parties continue, a civil citation will be issued, which would require a court appearance by Pickthorne.