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Best Friend Suspected in Death of Mother in Southeast

Death prompts street fight among friends of victim, suspect



    Police say someone stabbed a woman to death inside her apartment on 13th Place SE, while her 5-year-old daughter was in the home. (Published Monday, June 4, 2012)

    A fight broke out Monday between friends of a murder victim and a friend of a murder suspect in southeast D.C.

    Amber Kent, 29, was stabbed in the back and killed Monday morning in the 3400 block of 13th Place SE, and her best friend is facing charges in connection with the homicide.

    That prompted a street fight after which a man was treated for a cut over his eye and two assault suspects were arrested.

    “My brother is the wrong person to take your anger out on, because he had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with that,” the beating victim’s sister said. “So I just think they’re lashing out on the wrong person.”

    The suspect in Kent’s death was a neighbor, Cydrisse Alvin, police said. She was later arrested Malcolm X Elementary School when she went to see her daughter.

    “She was intoxicated,” said Sharon Morris, who aided in the apprehension, helping hold the suspect down. “She was high off of drugs. The only thing she said is she wanted to see her daughter for the last time.”

    Kent’s 5-year-old daughter was in the apartment at the time of the homicide, but it is unclear what she may have been exposed to and what she knows.

    Alvin was ordered held without bond.