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'Be Careful': BW Parkway Pothole Damage Getting Dangerous for Drivers

Potholes several inches deep stretch entire car lengths along the BW Parkway



    BW Parkway Riddled With Potholes After Tough Winter

    Drivers are feeling the impact as potholes are causing flat tires and "smashed up rims" along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, George Washington Parkway and elsewhere in the region. The National Park Service has been trying to offer temporary fixes, but is waiting on better weather. News4's Adam Tuss reports. (Published Monday, March 11, 2019)

    Drivers are urging for road work to begin on Baltimore-Washington Parkway, where massive potholes are making their travel downright dangerous.

    Video from Chopper4 and on the ground shows potholes several inches deep that stretch entire car lengths along the sides and middle of the road, making for treacherous driving conditions.

    Jeanine Jackson said her car got a flat because a pothole gashed her tire. She's worried the severity of the issue isn’t being taken seriously enough.

    "I think the sign actually said rough road. No, it should actually say, 'Road with deep potholes. Be careful," Jackson said.

    "It is the worst I've ever seen," mechanic Dave Testa told News4.

    Testa said many cars pulled into his shop right off of BW Parkway recently due to the potholes.

    "I had one person here this morning driving a Chevy Astro van and he said he hit a pothole and went off the road and went into the woods," Testa said.

    Testa said repairs from pothole can be pricey, because rims can cost as much as $300 to $500.

    Crews did show up to patch a particularly bad section of the parkway after News4 notified the National Park Service (NPS) about the problems.

    The NPS said permanent fixes can't be done until there are consistently warmer temperatures.

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