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Bank Robbery Foiled by Exploding Dye Pack

Police nabbed a suspect with red dye on his clothes



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    A note stating "bank robbery, no dye" didn't exactly work out for a would-be bank robber Wednesday morning. Instead, the suspect was caught red-handed... literally.

    Shortly before 9:45 a.m., a man in his 20s entered a PNC Bank in the 4400 block of Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, wearing a purplish-red wig, sunglasses and a hat.

    He gave the bank teller a note with a drawing of a gun and the message above. The teller complied with the implied request for cash -- but not the one for no dye.

    After getting the money, the man left the bank, followed by a witness. He entered an alley to change clothes, but noticed the person who'd followed him. He dropped the bag on the ground, causing the red dye pack to explode.

    He fled down N. Stuart Street to the Metro station, but was arrested by police without incident at 9:50 a.m., while insisting to officers that they had the wrong guy.

    Police said they were sure they had their suspect because of the red dye on his clothes.