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Baltimore, Send Us Your Snow Dragon!

Baltimore Has a Machine That Eats Snow



    Baltimore rented a snow dragon from Canada to melt snow and sends it down the drain. (Published Friday, Feb. 19, 2010)

    A super hero snow machine arrived in Baltimore in the still of the night to help fight winter woes.

    The Snow Dragon doesn't breathe fire, but it sure heats things up, putting down 100 tons of snow per hour.

    Here's how it works: Big front loaders dump the snow into the dragon. Inside, a nine million BTV burner fires up to 120 degrees. Jacuzzi-like jets help break up the ice and snow. What doesn't turn into steam becomes water that runs into the storm drain. And the snow disappears. Mountains of it. 

    Baltimore rented the Snow Dragon from Canada because it melts up to 12 truckloads of snow an hour, and Baltimore has enough truckloads to keep the Snow Dragon working around the clock.

    The Snow Dragon is very mobile, so it's touring the city's snow piles.

    Sounds like something D.C. could use.