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Kids Head Back to School in D.C.

Today is the first day of school and the new year promises some changes for students and teachers



    Kids Head Back to School in D.C.
    Chris Hondros/Newsmakers

    D.C. students are headed back to school Monday, and everyone is hoping for a peaceful beginning after last year's turbulent ending.

    There were protests and walk-outs staged by some students last year after massive teacher firings. School officials say 75 teachers were fired this summer due to poor evaluations. This year teachers will be closely watched again as they enjoy pay raises negotiated in their new contract ratified in June. The raises bring average pay up from $67,000 to $81,000. Teachers will also have an optional performance pay program that could yield an additional $10,000 to $20,000 a year.

    There will also be changes for Wilson High School students in Northwest this year.

    On Friday, city officials announced all 1,500 Wilson students will attend school on the campus of the University of the District of Columbia as their building undergoes a $100 million renovation. While the announcement was just made Friday, city officials said the UDC campus is ready to properly house and educate the additional students as well as its hold staff.