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BRAC and the 5-Hour Commute

Base realignment leads to northern Virginia traffic worries



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    Traffic in northern Virginia is bad. This we know.

    But what will happen when at least 13,000 BRAC jobs are relocated from Crystal City, which is two Metro stops from the Pentagon, to areas mostly dependent on cars? Can you say commutes of up to five hours per day?


    That's a possible scenario officials are concerned about as military base realignment gets closer to reality.

    The changes are likely to create choke points near Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County and near Seminary Road in Alexandria.

    Rep. James Moran, who represents much of the affected area, is predicting car commutes of up to five hours per day, according to the Washington Post. He said forcing workers onto northern Virginia's roads will hinder their productivity.

    State transportation officials have been working for years on improvements near Fort Belvoir. But closer to Alexandria, an environmental dispute over the Winkler Botanical Preserve stalled plans for a key exit ramp.