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Australian Girl Gets Date, Raises Cancer Awareness



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    Erin Griffin and Shane Gallahan enjoy a quiet dinner together.

    A girl from Australia with inoperable brain cancer came a long way for her first day, but it was a memorable one.

    Erin Griffin, 13, is in Washington to speak at Curefest on Sunday. However, she met with five boys in Ashburn, Va., Saturday night and chose one to be her date.

    Normally, she said she would wait until she was 15 or 16 to go on a date, but she doesn’t know if she will live that long. The boys, all 13-year-olds, welcomed Erin after losing one of their friends, Gavin Rupp, to cancer.

    The six went to the Panther Family Fun Center and played laser tag. She then chose Shane Gallahan to accompany her to dinner near the Brambleton Town Center.

    After dinner, Erin and the five boys released sky lanterns in memory of Gavin and all children who have died from cancer.