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As I Lay Speaking: Faulkner’s Voice Hits the Web

UVA publishes southern writer’s audio archives online



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    Acclaimed southern writer William Faulkner has just made the jump into the high-tech age.  He died decades before the Internet was conceived; yet his voice now bellows through the Web.

    The University of Virginia recently published an audio archive of selected recordings by Faulkner. You can hear the Pulitzer Prize winning author read some of his own stories--complete with the inflections that he intended when penning the great works.

    UVA has had the gem in its hold for a while. The recordings are from the late 1950’s, when Faulkner spent a two-year stint as a writer-in-residence at the Charlottesville, Va. university.

    ``Faulkner at Virginia: An Audio Archive'' also contains the author's speeches and answers to more than 1,400 questions from UVA students and others.

    So, what should the Sound and the Fury actually sound like? The world can finally know.