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Arlington Board Approves $2.4 Billion For Capital Spending



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    The Arlington County board voted unanimously Saturday to approve a 10-year capital improvement plan that would cost $2.4 billion.

    The money would be used to build new schools, improve water and sewer infrastructure, and support Metro improvements while also investing in two streetcar lines, along Route 1 and along the Columbia Pike.

    “Our streets, parks, facilities, water system and technology all need on-going maintenance and upgrades if we are to continue to provide the high-quality services that our community expects and that attract employers and visitors to Arlington,” County Board Chair Mary Hynes said in a statement.

    $153.4 million in general obligation bonds will be subject to a November referendum by county voters. Of that amount, $31.9 million is marked for Metro capital improvements and other transportation projects, $50.6 million for park maintenance and land acquisition, $28.3 million for community infrastructure, and $42.6 million for construction and renovation.