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Annapolis Mayor Announces New City Hall Security

$150,000 stolen in June



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    Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen has initiated new security measures at City Hall after more than $150,000 in checks and cash were stolen from a vault in June.

    The city announced Thursday that Annapolis police found a suspect in the theft, but the State's Attorney's office declined to file charges. The person is a former city employee.

    The theft was discovered June 8 when then-Finance Director Tim Elliott reported a money bag he placed in the fault the day before was missing. City officials said Elliott was not a suspect.

    New security measures include ID badges for employees and a guard station at the city hall entrance. Soon, the city will use an armored car for daily deposit pickups.

    After the theft, more than $130,000 in checks have been reissued to the city. The stolen checks were stamped deposit only, so they could not be cashed.