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Annapolis Man Arrested After Failed Carjacking and Escape on Foot



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    A would-be carjacker was foiled Wednesday by the owner of the car he was trying to steal -- and then caught by a passer-by who heard the car owner's shouts.

    Garrett Randall Sullivan, 22 and of Annapolis, was arrested yesterday in Severna Park and charged with three counts of theft for attempting to steal a 2011 Honda.

    On Aug. 7 at about 2 p.m., a man was returning to his car which was parked in a lot at 763 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. When he got there, he saw Sullivan in his driver’s seat.

    According to the report, he yelled, “Hey, that’s my car!” Sullivan immediately left the car and fled on foot.

    The man pursued him, yelling, “Hey, that guy broke into my car!” Sullivan dropped the man’s stolen cellphone as he ran away.

    Another man who heard the victim’s screams for help began chasing Sullivan, who threw items from his pants as he ran. He followed Sullivan to the back of a house at 47 Hatton Drive, where he saw him steal a bicycle that belonged to the home’s owners.

    The man tackled Sullivan off the bike as he tried to escape down Hatton Drive and held him until police arrived. Though the victim got his cellphone back, some of his property was still missing.