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"Angry Woman" Soothed By Flowers

Flowers solve everything



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    The fastest way to a woman's heart, Mr. Nickles is finding out, is through decaying plant matter.

    It's a fairy-tale ending to another D.C. political saga.  Stop us if you've heard this one before.

    Boy meets girl.  Boy and girl establish some sort of relationship.  Girl accuses boy of doing illegal things.  Boy calls girl an "angry woman" in a highly circulated paper.

    That's where things left off last week in the fight between D.C.'s Attorney General, Peter Nickles, and a member of the D.C. Council, Mary Cheh.

    After some tense feelings and some interventions by the girl's friends, like all jilted lover stories, it's nothing some freshly cut flowers can't solve.

    Nickles handed Cheh a bouquet of flowers (hopefully not the $5 ones you can pick up off a roadside) before a meeting this morning, says the Post.

    So does Cheh accept Nickles's gesture? "Let's not get into the details," she said. But she added she also likes chocolate.

    Flowers and chocolate, eh?  Does this mean Peter Nickles now wants to know if saying "typical woman" is sexist?  If so, he might want to just keep his thoughts to himself...