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And the $1,000 Ticket Goes to...

Police now say they didn't do it



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    No one.

    The Virginia State Police now say they did not issue a $1,000 ticket during an HOV crackdown, as they had said in a statement last week. 

    Turns out the police only handed out 25 tickets for first-time high occupancy vehicles lane violations and two for second-time offenders.

    Two. Two semi-measly $250 tickets and 25 cut-rate $125 tickets.  

    And here we thought some idiot was trying to push the lane markers by continously driving single in the HOV lanes on I-395 and I-95.

    According to the original statement released by Virginia state police, the $1,000 citation was issued during the second wave of their hyper-enforcement effort lovingly named, "Operation HOV Crackdown."

    The aim of the crackdown has been to remind drivers not to risk using the high occupancy vehicles lanes without at least three people in the car, because otherwise "you will be caught," said Capt. Tracy Russillo, commander of the state police Fairfax Division.

    When the police said they had stuck it big-time to an HOV violator, we could almost hear a collective cheer from carpoolers everywhere.

    Now it's probably more like a collective groan.