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Amputee Soccer Players Team Up With Wounded Warriors

Haitian earthquake victims hold clinic at RFK Stadium



    Haiti's all amputee soccer team worked out at RFK stadium Tuesday. The group is on a U.S. tour to spread a message of hope. Jane Watrel has the story. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011)

    Wounded soldiers return from war with a long road ahead of them.  Many have lost limbs or have other serious, life-changing physical wounds, and emotional scars that go along with them.  On Tuesday, a group of those American heroes got some special encouragement from a group that knows what it’s like to overcome adversity.

    The Haitian Amputee Soccer Team visited Washington and held a clinic for those soldiers at RFK Stadium.  Made up primarily of men and women who lost a limb in the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti last year, the soccer team is visiting America for the first time.

    Their goal is to spread hope and inspiration, and today they did just that — by holding a clinic to teach wounded warriors to play the game they love.

    They showed the wounded warriors that physical injuries don’t have to restrict activity.

    “You don’t need to let the loss of a limb, an amputation, slow you down,” Pat Korten from the Knights of Columbus told News4. “It’s possible to play soccer — and play at a very high level.”

    The Haitian team members are grateful for the help American relief groups brought to their country in their time of need; in fact, Project MediShare fitted many of them with prosthetics in the weeks following the earthquake.  They said they are happy to show their thanks by helping American service members. 

    To see the team in action, click here.