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Alexandria Cabbies May Be Forced To Be Nice

“Kind clause” may soon apply to people outside cabs as well



    New Proposal Wants Cab Drivers to be Polite

    The proposal to hold taxi drivers accountable for being polite is up for debate in Alexandria, VA. (Published Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010)

    The world would be a nicer place if everyone had to be, well ... nice, wouldn’t it?  In Alexandria, they're starting with the cabbies.

    Cab drivers there are already required to be courteous to passengers.  But now, city officials want them to be polite to any city official or member of the public, as well. If the cabbies are not nice, they risk losing their license.

    If the new rule takes effect, Alexandria would have far stricter rules than any other local cab agency.

    "I'm responsible with the passengers," Union Cab driver Surafel Woldemarian told the Washington Examiner.  "If I'm rude with the customers, they can complain, and there should be due process.  (But) If you insult me for being a cab driver, why can't I be rude?"

    Alexandria city officials will hold a public hearing on the issue this Saturday.