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Activist Uses Attorney General's Name to Attempt to Vote

Undercover reporter says video is proof of voter fraud



    Activist Uses Attorney General's Name to Attempt to Vote
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    A voter signs in at voter registration.

    The man who made headlines with a hidden camera investigation into the community group ACORN is out with another video that he said captures voter fraud.

    James O'Keefe posted the video made by his group Project Veritas online.

    It shows a man walking into a northwest Washington polling place during last Tuesday's local primary and claiming to be Attorney General Eric Holder.

    In the video, the man gives Holder's name and address but says he doesn't have his ID.  

    "You don’t need it," the poll worker said. "It’s all right. As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re okay."

    The poll worker asks the man to sign the voter sheet, but the man declines to sign, says he's going to get his ID and leaves.

    Project Veritas offered the video to challenge Holder's position on creating a federal voter ID law.  Holder said there's little evidence of in-person voter fraud and that voter ID laws are unnecessary and disenfranchise voters.

    A Justice Department official told NBC's Pete Williams "about the only time we get concrete evidence of voter fraud is when someone pulls a stunt like this."

    A federal official also said the man in the video did not commit voter fraud because he never signed the voter sheet and -- therefore -- never received or cast a fraudulently obtained ballot.