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Acela Trains Gaining Speed

Amtrak's high-speed trains are getting WiFi this year.



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    Acela Express trains are gaining speed with their Internet services.

    In a preview to what will be new in 2010, Amtrak announced what they call major projects and initiatives to benefit passengers.
    One of the initiatives is the official installation of WiFi technology on the Acela trains by this March. Wireless Internet will be available to every passenger initially free of charge, according to Amtrak.
    “Amtrak enters 2010 with a strong sense of optimism, enthusiasm and purpose,” said President and CEO Joseph Boardman. “We have an aggressive game plan to modernize, renew, and grow America’s passenger railroad,” he said, noting increasing ridership from 21.6 million in FY 2002 to 27.2 million in FY 2009, with an all-time record of 28.7 million in FY 2008.
    The Acela Express trains are also getting a makeover.
    Amtrak says they plan to add leather seats, improved tray tables and power outlets this year.
    The Acela trains run from D.C. to Boston in about six and half hours, which is about 90 minutes faster than regular trains.
    Last year, about 3 million riders hopped on the Acela.