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More Than 1,600 VRE Passengers Stranded



    More Than 1,600 VRE Passengers Stranded

    Two VRE trains broke down Tuesday morning, stranding more than 1,600 passengers.

    Train 328 on the Manassas Line broke down just before 8 a.m. VRE then coupled it with Train 330 to move it to the Burke Centre station, but the combined train had brake problems when it got to the station.

    More than 25 cabs and several buses were sent to the station to take the passengers to the Franconia Station.

    Also, Train 332 was stuck because it could not get around the other two trains and a freight train is blocked an alternate track.

    Normal service had resumed on the Manassas Line by late Tuesday morning.

    An e-mail update from a passenger aboard one of the trains:  "They finally sent buses and I am on one heading toward Springfield Metro. We heard over the Fairfax Connector dispatch radio that they got the train moving. I cannot believe that I have been commuting since 6:40 this morning."