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A Dimmer Future for Drivers on Route 100



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    If things seem a little darker at night along Maryland's Route 100, it's not just your imagination.

    The State Highway Administration has shut off about 75 overhead lights along Route 100 between Columbia Pike and Coca-Cola Drive in Howard County. It's all in an effort to go green and save some green.

    "Reduced lighting requires less energy and saves money that can be used for road maintenence," said SHA District Engineer Dave Coyne.

    The changes are part of a year-long pilot program that will study the effects of reduced lighting along the road. Ensuring safety is also part of the program -- highway adminstration officials said they'll closely monitor any changes in crash patterns during the trial period.

    A state highway official said the number of lights installed along Route 100 was already above federal standards to begin with.

    If reflective road lines, well-lit signs, and headlights prove enough to keep traffic moving smoothly after a year, the SHA plans to completely remove the inactive lights and recycle the poles.