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$99 Bucks for a Car? What a Steal



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    Kong says it all: Cars for $99!

    High fives and woo-hoos were abound as people got the ultimate deal Sunday -- a car for $99!

    Yep, I said 99 bucks for a lightly used, but otherwise working car.

    Some people even camped out overnight in the rain at Darcars in Rockville, Md. for the "steal" of a lifetime.

    Here's how it worked:

    A mob of eager buyers lined up at the gates of the car lot. Once managers opened the doors it was a free-for-all.

    Customers ran to the car of their dreams and were told to jump into the front seat.

    Then they awaited the "Slasher," a dealer staffer who would reveal the special sale price of the car.

    Now, not all of the cars were $99, but they were still sold for thousands less.

    "I feel fabulous," said Pat Barringer who was lucky enough to get a 2003 Subaru for $99.

    About a thousand people showed up for the sale, which is in its fifth year.