Blizzard Baby: 911 Dispatcher Coaches Parents Through Delivery at Home

A new baby boy wasn't going to wait for the snow to stop to make his grand arrival. Instead, a Stafford County, Virginia  911 dispatcher talked a local dad-to-be through delivery at home during the blizzard Saturday.

The couple, whose names haven't been released, had planned to use a midwife to deliver their baby, the Stafford County Sheriff's Office said. But with the midwife was unable to get to their house and the mom's labor progressing, the family called 911 for help.

EMS crews were dispatched, and a dispatcher stayed on the phone with the baby's father to talked him through delivery, which progressed "very quickly," authorities said.

The newborn arrived at 1:46 p.m.. He, his mom and dad are all doing well.

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