PHOTOS: 8 Sites to Visit in Honor of Memorial Day

Many local monuments pay tribute to the sacrifices and service of those who have served the country.

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The U.S. has buried fallen soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery since the Civil War. Today, the sprawling cemetery includes more than 400,000 graves for those who have served our nation.
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The Marine Corps War Memorial pays respect to the Battle of Iwo Jima, which was a turning point with major casualties for the U.S. Marines in World War II. This iconic statue of the marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi is situated in the U.S. Marine Memorial Circle in Arlington.
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This statue commemorates the lives of African Americans who defended the nation in the Civil War. The memorial and a neighboring museum dedicated to telling these soldiers’ stories are located on the corner of Vermont, 10th and U streets NW.
The Korean War Memorial adjacent to the National Mall is one of the most well-known war tributes in D.C. for its realistic and haunting depiction of soldiers in a battlefield. Walking through the grounds at night is a particularly moving experience.
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The more than 58,000 names inscribed on the Vietnam War Memorial are another jaw-dropping tribute on the National Mall. The marble wall, embedded on the grounds of the Mall near the Lincoln Memorial, is a somber reminder of the devastating losses sustained in the war.
The soaring steel beams of the Air Force Memorial allude to the movement of air and the importance of technological innovation in the U.S. Air Force. The three beams are located just outside the grounds of the National Cemetery, where they pay tribute to those who have served in the Air Force.
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On Sept. 11, 2001, 184 people, including civilians and members of the military, lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Each victim has an individual memorial unit outside the Pentagon with his or her name, age and location at the time of the attack inscribed.
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The gushing fountains and towering pillars of the World War II Memorial are a fixture on the National Mall. More than 16 million Americans served and more than 400,000 lost their lives in one of the most pivotal eras of 20th century history.
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