7 Men Charged With Indecent Exposure, Sex Abuse on Metro

In just one month, Metro police arrested seven men on charges of indecent exposure or misdemeanor sexual abuse.

Metro Transit Police announced the arrests Thursday and said the victims, all women, came forward to report the incidents to police.

Detectives used a combination of digital surveillance footage and other techniques to identify the suspects, police said.

Police said the suspects arrested include:

  • Anthony West, 36, of D.C.: West was arrested on Aug. 1 at Fort Totten Metro station for a misdemeanor sexual abuse on a Red Line shuttle bus.
  • Christopher Tyson, 26, of Hyattsville, Maryland: Tyson was arrested on Aug. 9 for an indecent exposure incident on a 70 Metrobus.
  • Donnell Boggon, 34, of District Heights, Maryland: Boggon was arrested on Aug. 1 outside Greenbelt Metro station for indecent exposure in the bus bay.
  • Duane Funderburk, 43, of D.C.: Arrested on Aug. 17 for indecent exposure aboard a U5 Metrobus.
  • Hollyman McQueen, 54, of D.C.: McQueen was arrested on Aug. 17 in an indecent exposure that happened in May at the Capitol South Metro station.
  • Laphonso Davis, 31: Arrested on Aug. 23 for an indecent exposure incident that happened the previous day on a Blue Line train at the Potomac Avenue station.
  • Mallory Brown, 37, of D.C.: Brown was arrested on Aug. 14 at L'Enfant Plaza Metro station for indecent exposure at the U Street Metro station.

"This kind of conduct is abhorrent and has no place on Metro," Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik said in a release. "Our warning to those who would engage in this conduct is clear: If you're on Metro, you're on camera. We will investigate, we will identify you, and we will arrest you."

As of Wednesday, there have been 63 reported cases of indecent exposure on the Metrorail system, down 10 percent compared to the same time last year, according to Metro police.

Several victims used the Metro Transit Police "text tips" system to make their report.

Detectives believe there may be other victims in several of these cases. Anyone who has information that may be helpful for police can contact the MTPD Criminal Investigations Division at (301) 955-5000 or send a text message to "MyMTPD" (696873).

MTPD also offers victims of harassment or sexual offenses to report information through an online portal at

Last year, serious crime on Metro plunged to its lowest level in more than a decade, according to authorities. So far in 2018, crime is down an additional 18 percent, Metro Transit Police said. 

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