68-Year-Old Woman Killed After Shooting at Brother, Police Say

A 68-year-old woman was fatally wounded Sunday night after shooting at her brother in Carroll County, police said.

Mary J. Glacken of Taneytown was pronounced dead at a home where her ill mother has been cared for by Glacken's brother, 47-year-old Richard Hunter, and Hunter's wife.

When Glacken went to visit her mother Sunday evening, she fired a pistol at Hunter, Maryland State Police said.

Hunter was interviewed by police and was released without charges at this time, authorities said.

Hunter told police that when Glacken arrived at the home in the 5000 block of Francis Scott Key Highway, she pulled a handgun from her purse and fired a shot into a door of the home before going inside and firing multiple rounds. Evidence supported that shots were fired inside and outside, police said.

Hunter went to a bedroom, got a shotgun and confronted his sister in the kitchen area. Hunter told investigators Glacken was raising the gun toward him when he fired the shotgun and struck her.

Glacken was found with a pistol in her hand and a loaded gun was found in her bag and loose rounds in her car, police said. Evidence also indicated one round struck the door to the bedroom where Hunter's wife and mother were. Neither was injured.

Police said they haven't determined a motive for Glacken's actions but said the siblings reportedly had a strained relationship.

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