Sophia Barnes

68-Year-Old Man Allegedly Grabbed, Kissed Loudoun County Girl on Halloween

Police arrested a man accused of grabbing and kissing a girl as she was out with friends in Loudoun County on Halloween.

Seyed Vafaei, 68, of Ashburn, was charged with assault and battery for the Halloween incident, but police say they may have found other victims.

Police say the girl was walking in Ashburn near the Belmont County Club with her friends on Halloween when Vafaei approached them, police said.

Vafaei offered the girl a piece of candy and put it in the girl's bag, police said.

The girl then ran to catch up with her friends, according to police.

As she ran off, Vafaei grabbed her hand and kissed her cheek, police said.

The girl ran away and met up with her friends again, police said.

The assault was reported to police the next day, and police say they uncovered evidence of "additional encounters."

Police say Vafaei rides his bicycle around the community wearing goggles. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.

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