66,000 Maryland Drivers Licenses Face REAL ID Recall

Police could confiscate licenses of drivers who never completed a federally-mandated verification process

Thousands of Maryland drivers could have their licenses taken away the next time they're pulled over if they haven't completed a verification process.

More than 66,000 drivers in the state have a valid license but never verified their identity in a way that satisfies the federally-mandated REAL ID process.

Starting in June, when a driver in that situation is pulled over the officer will confiscate the license.

So far, drivers who need to verify their ID should have received several letters from the state. You can also check your status on the Maryland MVA website.

Those affected will need to go to the MVA and show a birth certificate or passport, your Social Security card and two documents proving your Maryland address. Use the Online Document Guide to make sure you have the proper documents.

There is no cost, since drivers in possession of the REAL ID licenses have already paid for it.

REAL ID is an effort by the federal government to make drivers lisences and ID cards more reliable and accurate. Starting Oct. 1, 2020, regular licences and ID cards without REAL ID-verification will not be accepted to board airplanes or enter secure federal areas and military bases.

You don't need a REAL ID to drive, vote, register to vote or access services.

Washington, D.C., has issued REAL ID-compliant cards since May 1, 2014. 

In Virginia, you can either apply to have your card verified for REAL ID or renew the card through the REAL ID process. Here's more information.

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