6-Second Break-in Gets Thieves Into Garages

With a YouTube video and six seconds, a burglar can do some major damage inside your home or garage.

A D.C. couple learned that lesson the hard way and since has learned how to keep burglars out for good.

Suzanne Allan and Brian Reck said their garage was burglarized three times in July, August and as recently as the end of December. The thieves stole their expensive bikes and wine.

"The first time, we had seven bicycles parked in the garage," Allan said. "They took five of them. After that, we replaced two. They hit us again."

They have an alarm system in the house and garage, but it didn’t work.

Reck searched the Internet and discovered how the thieves got into the garage. Videos demonstrate the six-second break-in.

Thieves put a coat hanger and other material in a gap between the garage door and the wall and hook the emergency disengagement, Reck said.

Reck also learned a way to lock thieves out of the garage.

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