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58 Pounds of Marijuana Seized by Hyattsville Police

Street value of $527,000



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    Hyattsville City Police turned up a lot of green stuff during an investigation.

    On November 2, police in Hyattsville uncovered a cache of marijuana that weighed in at 58 pounds, about the same as an adult golden retriever.

    Hyattsville City police said that much pot fetches about $527,000 on the street.

    A K9 unit smelled out the stash, during an investigation into a reported assault.  Officers arrived at the scene on the 4800 block of Rhode Island Avenue looking for Dean Roy Thomas, suspected in the assault.

    The search for Thomas led officers to a business that he owned on Rhode Island Avenue.  Police sealed off a perimeter around the business and were able to take Thomas into custody.

    During the arrest, police searched the building where Thomas' business was located, and turned up the marijuana, as well as three loaded handguns.

    Thomas is being held on no bond status.

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