50 Homemade M-80s Intercepted by Postal Workers in Virginia; North Carolina Man Pleads Guilty

A North Carolina man admitted mailing 50 homemade M-80 explosive devices to a friend in Prince William County, Virginia.

According to prosecutors, the devices were crudely made and contained explosive components, plastic caps and liquids.

They were intercepted by postal workers in Gainesville, Virginia, who had spotted suspicious tubes and wires inside the mail parcel.

The devices were at risk of exploding and killing postal workers if mishandled or dropped, according to court testimony Friday.

Lanford Parrott pleaded guilty to a federal offense and acknowledged his conduct was outrageous.

According to testimony in court, Parrott sold the devices to a friend in Bristow in exchange for $108. The friend wasn't named or charged.

Parrott did not put a return address when he mailed the devices.

His attorney said Parrott was under the influence of heavy pain medication and learned to construct the explosives by watching YouTube videos.

He said his own decision was “outrageous” when he addressed the court at the hearing.

A judge sentenced Parrott to three days in jail and ordered he undergo mental health evaluations.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service investigated the explosives and performed lab tests.

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