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50 Meningitis Cases Reported in Va.

32 dead in nationwide outbreak



    50 Meningitis Cases Reported in Va.

    There are now 50 reported cases of fungal meningitis in Virginia as an outbreak of the potentially fatal bacterial infection continues to spread.

    State public health officials say that new number includes three West Virginia residents who became infected after visiting an outpatient facility in Virginia. Among the 19 states affected by the outbreak, Virginia has reported the fourth-most cases of meningitis. Only Indiana (52 cases, 4 deaths), Tennessee (81 cases, 13 deaths), and Michigan (128 cases, 8 deaths), have reported more cases.

    Two people in Virginia have died in the outbreak, which is linked to tainted steroid injections made by a specialty pharmacy in Massachusetts.

    The medication was recalled in September.

    Maryland health officials have reported 23 cases, including one death. No cases have been reported in the District.

    Thirty-two people have died nationwide and 428 meningitis or meningitis-caused effects have been reported, including cases of stroke and other central nervous system-related infections. In addition, 10 people have reported peripheral joint infections