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4000 Series Cars Blamed for Metrorail Delays



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    Metro's Breda 4000 Series of rail cars is being blamed for delays in train service.

    At a board committee meeting last week, Metro board member Tom Downs said the rail car series is hurting on-time performance and called for the agency to fix the rail cars or get rid of them, The Washington Examiner reported.

    "We have a fleet full of dogs here in the 4000 Series cars and it's killing us in our on-time performance," he said at a board committee meeting.

    The 4000 Series has Metro's worst record for breakdowns that cause delays.

    The rail car has the agency's worst record for breakdowns that cause delays of more than three minutes. It's three times worse than the system's best rail cars and doesn't even reach half the agency's own service goal.

    The 4000 series may also be contributing to discomfort on Metro. It is known for an outdated propulsion system and problems with brakes and the auxiliary power systems that run the lights and air conditioning. And there have been safety concerns. All 4000 Series cars were pulled out of operation last summer because of concerns the doors could open while the train is in motion.

    Metro has about 100 of the 4000 Series cars and uses about 60-70 of them on an average weekday, the Examiner reported.

    According to Metro Deputy General Manager Dave Kubicek, Metro will have to use the cars for another six to eight years, if not longer.

    Metro's oldest rail cars, the Rohr 1000 Series, has been targeted for replacement. Kubicek said Metro could add a request for cars to replace the 4000 Series, too, but only after the 1000 Series is replaced and cars for the Dulles Rail extension get built.