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40 Animals Seized in Unique Maryland Hoarding Case



    Anne Arundel County Animal Control seized dozens of animals from a home in Pasadena. The owner says his animals were not neglected. News4's Darcy Spencer reports. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012)

    Animal Control removed more than 40 animals from a Pasadena, Md., home Thursday in what it calls one of the most unique cases of animal hoarding Anne Arundel County has ever had, but the man responsible for the animals says he was trying to do right.

    A parrot named Jack, a pig named Mikey, two turtles, four chickens, a boa constrictor, an albino python, a goat, a tarantula and a goldfish were among the seized animals. A kinkajou, a rainforest animal resembling a ferret, also was removed.

    Animal Control first went to the home in August after receiving a tip and seized a raccoon and some skunks, which tested negative for rabies, and has since been working with the man since then, but the situation got worse, officials said.

    Thursday’s inspection found the animals didn’t have enough or any food and water, according to Animal Control. A dead rabbit and several dead quail were also found.

    The 21-year-old man under investigation said he took in animals, cared for them and tried to find owners for them, though some were his personal pets. He denied that the animals were neglected. Now he’s worried that the career he planned – to work with animals – is in jeopardy.

    The homeowner has not yet been charged.