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4 Tips for Staying Safe this Winter

Here are four things to check off your list to ensure a safer winter season.

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Every year, thousands of people die or become injured when trying to stay warm—whether it’s from faulty generators or not using certain products correctly.

Here are four things to check off your list to ensure a safer winter season.

Space Heaters

Do not leave space heaters running unattended.

According to the consumer according to the consumer product safety commission, these portable heaters are involved in about 1,700 fires every year. Resulting in 80 deaths and 160 injuries.

Never leave near infants or small children who can become over heated. Continuously check the recall list for space heaters.

Have a Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm


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Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms smoke and carbon monoxide alarms save lives.

Even though seasons change, fire safety is year round. When winter comes, we see increase in deaths in injuries related to fire and and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Make sure alarms and detecters are placed on every floor, especially outside sleeping areas. Test the alarms every month and replace batteries once a year.

Portable Generators

Most deaths are associated with portable generators. They should be outside, 20 feet from the home.

Never use portable generators inside a garage or basement.

Safety Considerations

Take some very basic steps to keep your family safe by checking for recalled products for generators, space heaters or carbon and smoke detecters. Go to the Safer Products site to check for the latest recalls.

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