4 Students From Virginia High School Hospitalized

Principal calls it an "isolated incident"

The principal  of West Springfield High School  in Fairfax County, sent a letter to the community Thursday to address concerns about four students taken to an area hospital. 

Paul A. Wardinski's letter referred to an "isolated incident" that led to multiple emergency vehicles parked around the building, possibly alarming students, parents and community members.

"There was an incident at the school involving four students ... the individuals involved were transported to the hospital and are receiving care at this time," Wardinski wrote. 

Later in the day Wardinski  added that three students got sick and a fourth was taken to the hospital as a precaution.  He said alledgedly the students were smoking something that made them sick.  What that substance was is not known. 

The students should be fine. But they may face some kind of punishment.

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