4 Items That Have Gotten Cheaper During the Pandemic

Some products have become more affordable since the pandemic started

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You may have noticed your grocery bill has gotten more expensive in recent months. Prices on items like eggs and milk have gone up. However, Rather Be Shopping blogger Kyle James found some things have become more affordable. Here are four of them.

Home Workouts

Before the pandemic, many workouts were subscription-based. James says a lot of trainers are offering free content on social media. Some big-name gyms are also offering workouts for free. “The ones that really caught my eye are Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym. Their websites have a bunch of free content,” James said.

Shipping Costs

A lot of retailers are doing away with shipping fees to compete with retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. You may have to purchase a certain amount to get that free shipping, but it could be worth it. Also, keep your eyes peeled for free shipping deals retailers offer new customers.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have hit a new all-time low making it a great time to refinance your home. Consider using the extra cash to pay off your credit cards that carry higher interest rates.

Various Free Stuff

It’s cool getting something for nothing. Consider downloading the app for your favorite store or restaurant. There are a lot of incentives and rewards, such as free french fries from McDonald’s. James found a great deal for readers. “The one that can save you the most money, especially if you have kids at home right now maybe doing virtual learning, is Audible, owned by Amazon. It’s offering thousands of free audiobooks, kids’ books, and novels and books for adults as well.”

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