4 Hurt in Fiery Car Crash Near Leisure World

Two seriously damaged cars, one badly burnt, were towed from Georgia Avenue and Bel Pre Road in Montgomery County

Two people are fighting for their lives and two others were hurt after a collision near Leisure World in Maryland, sparked a blaze that destroyed a car, Montgomery County fire department officials say.

Three cars were loaded onto flatbed trucks and towed from Georgia Avenue and Bel Pre Road Wednesday, hours after the crash Tuesday evening that closed roads for hours.

Traffic camera footage from the wreck shows several firefighters extinguishing a blaze that fully engulfed at least one of the cars.

Fire officials say two patients were taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries and another was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening.

Two vehicles, both badly damaged and one seriously burnt, were towed from the scene hours later. A white sedan was also moved off the road. Some lanes of the road remained closed into the morning.

Police have not yet detailed the cause of the crash, nor the identities of those injured.

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