Fit 4 Summer: 4 Apps to Help You Meditate

Stressed out? Meditation is not just for yogis anymore. Get your morning started right with 4 apps that will help you find your focus.

Often you need to know what type of meditation exercise you need before you start, but the Stop, Breathe and Think app asks you how you're feeling before offering the meditation program that's right for you.

Calm is good for anyone who is stressed out and doesn't have time to meditate. There are special sections for commuters who take trains like the Metro. Some of the exercises are as short as three minutes.

Insight Timer has more than 3,000 guided meditations, music tracks and courses that will help you find your inner peace.

Finally, you can learn how to meditate in just 10 minutes a day with the Headspace app. The app's free introductory series helps you train your mind with 10 ten minute sessions.

Most of the apps are free, but you may have to pay to unlock longer meditation sessions.

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