300,000 Records Compromised in UMD Data Breach

The records of more than 300,000 faculty members and students dating back to 1998 have been compromised following a data breach at the University of Maryland.

According to a letter from UMD President Wallace Loh, the 309,079 records include full names, social security numbers, dates of birth and university ID numbers of staff members and students affiliated with the university's College Park and Shady Grove campuses.

Loh says the data breach did not include financial, academic, health or contact information.

Federal and state law enforcement agencies are investigating the matter, which Loh says he learned of Tuesday evening.

"We recently doubled the number of our IT security engineers and analysts. We also doubled our investment in top-end security tools. Obviously, we need to do more and better, and we will," Loh wrote. 

The university is offering free credit monitoring to all affected persons.

If you have any questions about the breach, you're asked to call 301-405-4440 or email datasecurity@umd.edu. 

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