$30,000 in Suspected Synthetic Drugs Confiscated in Prince George’s County

Police made an apparent major synthetic drug bust in Prince George’s County, officials said, but no one was arrested.

Police confiscated almost 1,800 packs of suspected synthetic drugs Thursday from three stores they say sold packs to undercover officers.

The good news is most of the stores they sent undercover officers to weren’t caught selling synthetics, police said.

“Over the course of our investigation, we hit over 90 establishments in Prince George’s County, all over the county, and we only made eight different buys,” Prince George’s County Police Maj. Jason Bogue said.

While police confiscated more than $30,000 worth of suspected synthetic drugs, no one was arrested, and the stores were allowed to remain open with drug paraphernalia back on the shelves because police don’t know for sure if what they confiscated is outlawed by the DEA.

“After our drug lab does an analysis of all this to determine if any of the substances in these packages are illegal substances,” Bogue said. “And that's one of our challenges we face.”

Police said they want legislation similar to what D.C. has that allows them to make arrests.

“We're not going to arrest a clerk in a store who sold us this who's just doing a job, we get that, but legislation needs to enable us to go after the storeowners who are bringing this in,” Bogue said.

None of the storeowners would speak to News4 on camera, but one said he didn’t know the products were illegal and he has no plans to sell them again.

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