41 Men Charged With Soliciting Prostitutes

Police say 41 men were arrested during the first week of a prostitution enforcement operation in Washington, D.C. 

The operation began in the downtown area of Northwest D.C. on July 14, and in its first night, police arrested 10 men. In the following week, police took 31 additional men into custody, including 11 overnight Tuesday. 

All 41 men have been charged with solicitation of prostitution. 

The operation is ongoing. 

Last week, D.C. Councilman Jack Evans introduced a measure that would require police to tow and impound a car when officers have probable cause to suspect it's been used by someone trying to pick up a prostitute.

The intent is to deter would-be johns because they would be embarrassed to lose their vehicle, Evans said, caling the measure "Honey, I lost the car.''

Evans pushed through a similar bill 10 years ago that called for police to arrange for cars to be towed by another city agency, but he said it hasn't been sufficiently enforced.

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